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This post is going to sound a lot worse than it is, and I’m not sure how to remedy that.

I should preface the subject by saying that I love to travel. I like meeting new people and going places I’ve never been before, as well as seeing and hearing things that are new.

I find, however, my enjoyment to stop when I’m at work (major hospital in the Bay Area) and I hear my co-workers–and I limit my ire to those working at the hospital, not visiting it–speaking non-English to each other. I find this unprofessional. And this is from someone who wears scrubs with Superman symbols on them, which is a whole separate topic.

So I’m left trying to analyze my reaction.

Do I feel put out because I don’t understand the exchange? Yes, a bit I suppose. I do know I’m more comfortable overhearing Spanish than other languages, and that doubtless is because I can parse a teensy bit of it. If it’s something else, I find it more annoying.

I don’t think it’s too much to require English be spoken while on duty. I believe I would follow such an edict if I were to work in another country where there was a different primary language. There are certainly recognized needs to translate or assist people without English skills who are visiting the hospital, but aside from that the conversations should be limited to off-hours.

Am I way off base here? Is this needlessly draconian?