Crying baby

John over at DisappearingJohn brings up an interesting point regarding getting “attached” to patients. It’s something I’ve thought of periodically, as I know it’s going to be something I have to wrestle with.

I typically “click” with at least one patient per shift, and have gotten a lot of feedback from patients and their families that I help them feel better cared for.

Given that I used to watch Schwarzenegger, Kung-Fu, and Western movies like most teenagers in my youth, it was an odd switch that seemed to coincide with having kids. Suddenly diaper commercials had deeper meaning, and images of starving children that Sally Struthers was personally tasting food for had me on the verge of tears. Most chick flicks will cause the dust in the room to suddenly swarm near my face, causing my eyes to start swelling up and leak.

I had an experience earlier in the week with a patient that made a rapid turn for the worst, but didn’t actually die. I had only been around the patient for about 10 minutes, so hadn’t developed much of a bond. I expect by the time I finish school I’ll have to deal with a patient closer to me dying, though.