Lego Operating Room

I’m only a nursing student. I don’t have years of nursing experience to draw on. I have two days of OR observation behind me.

I’m curious though, why nurses are in the operating room. I understand why maybe they should be there, but I didn’t actually see anything that couldn’t be done by another person in my two days of observation.

As I understand and believe, an RN is there for patient care, and as a patient advocate. Seems like an unconscious person should have someone thinking about their care and what’s being done to them. In practice, I saw the only RN in the room running errands and doing administrative stuff that could likely be done by an LVN/LPN without a difference to the patient experience.

Even if something were to go wrong during the procedure, there’s a surgeon (or 3), an anesthesiologist (or 2), as well as an OR/Med Tech available for handling the situation. What might the nurse contribute that isn’t readily available in those other people’s repertoires?

I must be missing something, and would love to hear feedback on what it is. I have nothing against nurses being there, I just didn’t see evidence of why it would be necessary.