The Jetsons

I remember watching the Jetson’s as a puppy, and actually believing that we’d have flying cars by the year 2000.

Look at us now: seven years into the 21st century and we still haven’t figured out how to wean ourselves off fossil fuel.

In the hospital I work in we use a pneumatic tube system that was probably installed forty plus years ago. It looks like the one if the movie Brazil.

Pneumatic tube system

My question is this: we’ve figured out how to get to the moon, made an invisibility cloak, Superman has come back after a five year absence, and people are living longer than ever before in history.

Yet we’re still using a technology which apparently dates back to the 1st century BC. I get that we can’t attach a physical object as an email attachment, and I don’t really know the right way to solve the transport problem. It just seems to me that we have people making vaccines for killing diseases, as well as growing seedless watermelons. It just feels like we should have a better solution by now.