1. People on cell phones irk me.

They talk while buying their gas. They talk when cashing a check. They talk while taking a dump pooping having a BM (Hello? Acoustics!?). They talk while buying a coffee, ignoring the person actually serving them. They talk while walking, within arms-reach of another person walking with them. They talk while driving. Both people in the car are on the phone at the same time. I can only assume they’re not talking to each other.

And most of all they talk while at the theater. While everyone else is trying to watch and listen to the movie they paid to see.

Please, if you’re so important you have to take that call, just save everyone the frustration and stay home to make sure you get it.

2. Text messaging on a phone

If you have something to say, just call. If it’s not urgent, send an email. I want my phone to make phone calls, not play the latest offering of Youtube. If I want to see boobies research a paper, I’ll use my computer with a real screen, thank you.

I’ve had people tell me it’s rude to take a call when you’re in a meeting or otherwise supposed to be engaged (also known as “working”). But it’s not rude to respond to a text message.

I don’t get that. Either you’re focusing on what you’re doing, or you’re not, right?

3. Facebook

I have no experience with it. I’ve gotten so many suggestions to check it out that I finally signed up so I could see it, and I still must be missing the point. What do you do? Is it to chat? I admit it as only a cursory scan, but I don’t see how it adds to a blog or other information repository. I expect it will be a big “Ah-ha!” when someone bops me on the forehead and explains it to me.



I really should be studying. I’m avoiding it, and now I have no excuse since I’ve gotten these small things off my small mind.