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The other day at clinical I was with a nurse who injured herself. She was removing the cover off a safety razor, and shaved two finger pads right off. She had to go to the ED for sutures and bandages.

Now, I was concerned before my OR rotation that I might get woozy and end up yakking breakfast onto my shoes, but it turned out it didn’t bug me at all. I’ve seen gross abscesses,  nasty incisions, and encountered some headache-inducing odors. But thinking about scraping the ends of my fingers with a razor just gives me the willies.

I hear tell there are nurses who turn into a puddle if someone has to give them a shot. Some can’t wipe feces up without dry heaving. I wonder what the most common ick-inducing thing is for nurses?

Any thoughts?


Change of Shift banner

In an odd coincidence, COS is one this month, when I’m finishing my first year in nursing school. Only 6 more months left for me, but I hope my hero Kim at Emergiblog is around for many many more.

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Hanging on

I disappeared for a while there.  This semester has been particularly rough in terms of time management as well as a rather upsetting rollercoaster ride compliments of one of my instructors from last semester.

This instructor and I have not gotten along well at any point, and it culminated in my being written up for plagiarism on an assignment. The fact that the assignment was a list of signs and symptoms for a disease, and that it was referenced so the source could be seen didn’t seem to matter. Technically, I was plagiarizing. I truly can’t dispute that. Context was completely ignored, and the resulting bruhaha almost stopped me from advancing in the program.

The associated distraction of dealing with this, the remediation steps to help my slide into the depths of depravity as evidenced by my flagrant use of another’s work, replacement assignment, additional writing workshop, as well as start a new semester left me with no mental energy to do much more than get by.

But now I’m back!