Confused dog

OK, apologies again for being such a rotten poster lately. I was battling a nursing instructor determined to undermine every last shred of confidence I had acquired. I survived, and we’ll be bad memories for each other from this point on. The weird part was she decided to expand her area of affliction to include other students, and the group realized it wasn’t just a personality conflict between she and I. Now she has more than one person looking into the whole situation to find out what the deal is.

But let’s move on.

I’m going into my last semester, and have a much improved outlook. I’ve gotten some time with the Queen and princesses, and will be starting up with my head on straight. Oh, and work. Lots of time at the hospital as a nursing assistant.

More real substance later, but I wanted to post something. I tried the other night, but WP was very funky and not behaving itself at all.