Pieces of Eight

I graduated in 1983 (you do the math). Styx is a touchstone for me and my classmates. And since I managed to get a reference to the number 8, class, and the word “touch” in one sentence, I’m happy. I’ve been tagged by NNR to unveil eight things about myself, and we’re both students. I’ve covered all the bases.

The list is one that is at once both intensely personal and simultaneously of no consequence. I don’t know any of you all personally, so the liklihood of this causing an embarrassing moment over Thanksgiving food is unlikely. I think the hardest part will be identifying eight more people, since I’m a noob to the nurse blogging community.

OK, I’ve stalled long enough. The list, in no particular order:

  1. I’m embarrassed by Bush. From a personal and national perspective, I find he and his cronies to be unforgivably stupid and selfish. The fact that I voted against him twice (the man was RE-elected!) and was outvoted both times stuns me.
  2. I was kidnapped as a puppy. Yup. Biological father swooped and absconded with my sister and me to another state. Mommy went nuts looking for us. After a few months he called and told her where to show up on a couple of hours notice, and brought her to us. But only because he was doing so poorly he needed her there to deal with us. She was a virtual prisoner for several months until he could be convinced to let us all go.
  3. I have hepatitis C. It was acquired either back when I was born a premie and given multiple transfusions, or when I had major surgery back in my late teens and had blood products. Nobody knows, and everyone feels bad about it. So far I’m healthy and no signs or symptoms at all of the disease.
  4. I don’t understand the stock market. How can the cost of soy beans make people buy a house or not? What does a number on a ticker have to do with the unemployment rate? Economics are completely beyond me.
  5. I will cry at the drop of a hat. Especially if someone else starts crying first. Those tear ducts work! This is one of my biggest challenges as a nurse: how to remain available and supportive while crying and trying not to allow snot to run down my face.
  6. This blog is a secret one from my family and friends. I have another that I keep for them, and everyone assumes I’m posting to it when I’m writing like this (unless they’ve all conspired to fool me). I keep it anonymous not because I’m hiding things from them, but to allow myself freedom to post about things that may touch on them in some way. I’d actually be fine if they were all secretly reading this blog but just didn’t tell me about it.
  7. My mom is happy I’m becoming a nurse because she understands it better than the work I did in computers. “So, you’re one of those people I talk to when I have a problem with my computer?” “No Mom, I write games and things.” “Like that commercial I saw last night with the medicine bottle swinging through the jungle?” “No Mom, that’s animation, what I do is different”… and on and on. She at least has some feeling for what a nurse does, even if it’s circa 1970.
  8. I married the woman of my dreams. I saw her freshman year of high school, and my heart was captured. We were part of an incestuous group that always had some member yearning for one of the others, and we remained friends for 14 years. Then we went on a date because we were both single and decided to try adding to our friendship. We were married six months later. She is my Queen.

OK, I’m not sure about the rules on these “tagging” things. My understanding is I tag 8 other bloggers. I’m hoping they don’t all have to be in the same “area” of nursing, as I don’t think I can generate that many. And I’m not sure they’ll respond if I do tag them.

  1. Kim at Emergiblog– because she’s my hero and fairy blogmother.
  2. Dr Whoo at Ob/Gyn Kenobi – because I really like the way she writes. (Congrats on the bean!)
  3. Ian at ImpactED Nurse – because he’s got wit, humor, and heart.
  4. Monkeygirl at Musings of a Highly Trained Monkey – because she seems like someone I’d like to meet.
  5. Emergency Room Nurse at Madness: tales of an emergency room nurse – She makes me glad I’m not living or working in the inner city.
  6. Miranda5 at O Brave New World – because she reminds me about being a secretary and new to the hospital, and how we’re all just people.
  7. Beth at PixelRN – because my first degree was in photography, and I like the way she thinks.
  8. Dave at Dave’s Long Box – because I admire his ability to write about anything and make it amusing.

Thanks to any and all that actually do something with the tag.