Filling out a form

There are a lot of forms to deal with for school. I neglected one between semesters. I had ten days to deal with it, and I lost my head. I actually went and enjoyed myself, taking a trip with the Queen and Princesses. I read books. I watched movies.

But I didn’t take care of the form.

I left it until the first day of classes last week, and turned it in late. Now I don’t get to attend the first clinical day, and will be written up for my distressing lack of responsibility.

I can’t really blame anyone else, the clinical site has to have it’s paperwork in order for each student on the premises. I don’t have it, so they won’t have me.

But I do wonder what would have happened if I simply showed up on site at 6:30 tomorrow, with no form in hand. Would they have really turned me away after having driven 60 miles to get there? Should I not have emailed my instructor to get some feedback?

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