The line in the sand

I’m finding that nurses I’m paired with are telling me that I should leave things to the Nursing Assistant (NA). While I understand the importance of properly delegating and prioritizing, I feel that my actions are still appropriate. Why should I rush out of the room and send an NA to help someone to the commode when I have no pressing issue looming? If I take an extra five minutes to talk to the patient and get them settled when returning from a procedure, isn’t that preferable to calling an already busy NA to get it done?

I’m not talking about each and every task that comes up, but stuff that allows me to actually get to know the patient for more than the time to hand them a pill or hang an IV then quickly depart. I’m frustrated with the lack of attention to any realm not directly related to addressing a medical condition. Isn’t part of nursing supposed to be treating the entire patient? Why do I find myself in the minority when trying to support a patient with more than pills?

The real world and book-knowledge are not always close cousins when it comes to reality, and I understand that. The time constraints on nurses seem a crutch in some cases, to allow some behavior I’m not quite onboard with yet.

But I’m still in school, so I may still see the error of my ways.