The End

Okay, I like “nigh” better than “near”. So shoot me.

Less than two months to go in school.

I start my final rotation in two weeks. This is the equivalent of a BSN “capstone” their final year. Since our program is only 18 months, our final bit is called the “internship”, and lasts seven weeks.

By mid-December I’ll be done with everything for my RN. I’ll have the option to complete additional hours and sit for an additional certification (which I plan on doing), and then I’m released to take the NCLEX.

In the meantime, I’m finishing papers, taking quizzes, completing projects, giving presentations, attending classes, going to clinicals in Psych/Community, and taking finals. None of these things should be too difficult, but if I forget or mess up to any appreciable degree I can mess up my chances of getting out free and clear.

So often in nursing school there seems to be this huge boulder over our heads, ready to smack us down if we do the little-est misstep. I know NNR has been feeling similarly. (I feel you!)

On a happier note, stop by Kim’s place for the latest Change of Shift! I’ve been too distracted to even read more than a couple posts in the last two offerings, but get thyself over before the wrath of Dog descends upon you.

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