I just worked two days in a row as a Nursing Assistant. These happen to be the last days I’ll work as an NA, because I start as an RN in a week.

Yesterday’s shift was different because I “floated” to a new unit, and had to deal with all the nonsense that entails. Overall it went well, however.

Today I had my first body-prep for a patient that had passed away a couple of hours before I arrived. I thought it oddly symbolic that it would happen on my last day, having never done it before. The nurse who helped me with it was very kind, letting me do some of the things and explaining procedures as they’d be done on a “normal” patient versus the current one. It went smoothly and I was glad the patient’s body was treated with dignity the whole time.

Now I’m winding down and getting ready to get some sleep. NCLEX in a few days, and new job a few after that.