The horizon

I’ve been quiet for a bit (yet again).

I graduated in December. I finished the necessary hours for my CNL certification in early January. I sat for the CNL test in mid-January. I studied for a couple of weeks and took the NCLEX in early February. I started working a few days later. My daughter officially became a teenager a few days ago.

Feels like I finally got a chance to actually breathe with the next few days off.

To begin, I’m soooooo glad to be done with school. I don’t have all the other stuff looming that was constantly in the back of my mind. Work has been going great. My preceptor is absolutely awesome. She’s supportive and available for questions or assistance without constantly hovering over my shoulder. I couldn’t be happier with the match. I had an enormous advantage over other new grads in that I’ve worked there for close to 2 years and actually was able to pick my preceptor. It would be nightmarish to be manacled to someone I didn’t know and discovered I couldn’t work with comfortably.

The CNL certification was a bit of a denouement, as here on the Left Coast the CNL hasn’t caught on yet. This doesn’t mean I won’t be able to benefit from the education, just that I can’t actually use the certification yet. No letters after my name on my badge, as I’m not practicing within the scope of that title. I don’t mind at this point, since I’d rather lay low and learn instead of trying to flash a bunch of creds after my name when I’m still getting my feet under me. I’ve been told that I’m progressing very quickly, and they’re happy with the decision to bring me on as an RN. That is very cool, as I’m enjoying the work very much.

I’ve been catching up on a lot of blogs since I basically stopped reading or writing much of anything aside from study material for a while there. I’ve noticed a distressing amount of ill will towards patients from those in the critical care field. I don’t know if I just was used to it before, or this is a relatively recent phenomenon. I know there are always the burnt out nurses harping on how lousy their lot is, but the flavor of this seems somehow different. Bloggers I liked and read have become pretty negative. In response, I’ve simply unsubscribed and stopped visiting. I’ll need to make sure my attitude doesn’t follow that path. Great power there is in the dark side, but strong I must be.

I’m not sure what my daughter’s birthday has to do with all this, but it seemed like a milestone. Maybe I’m just exhausted from all the change?