I’ve been working as an RN at Super Hospital for seven weeks now.

I’ve attempted a couple IVs, I’ve removed foleys, I’ve removed central lines
I’ve dealt with chest tubes, I’ve drawn blood
I’ve made my first minor but scary error in patient identification
I’ve had a patient try to climb me like a tree because he thought he was going to die
I’ve held the hands of frightened people dealing with illnesses they can’t pronounce

My preceptor has been exceptional
She asks for my opinion, she gives her advice
She makes herself available, she doesn’t loom over my shoulder
She looks things up when she doesn’t know the answer
She commiserates when the craziness of administration interferes with patient care
She puts up with my constant barrage of “why”
She laughs at my poop jokes

I really like what I’m doing, and I’m glad I struggles through all the garbage of nursing school and emerged an RN.