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I remember making up silly names back in college high school grade school. Most of them had something to do with boogers.

I found some better ones though. And the great thing about the ones in this article is they’re real people.


What is it about Quentin Tarrantino that I’m just not getting?

I saw Pulp Fiction and was confused.

I forced myself though Kill Bill and the sequel because I was told they were really one long movie. Watching both didn’t make it any better.

I just turned off Death Proof after the first 10 minutes or so because I find it hard to believe someone had such bad scripting, acting, and editing on purpose. This is supposed to pay homage to a genre?

On the other hand, I never liked Picasso either. But, then again, not everyone does.

You won’t get a rating to post on your own site, but it will make you think.

What kind of a life did I have before YouTube?